Datastage Environment Variables

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Basically Environment variable is a predefined variable that we can use while creating DS job. We create/declare these variables in DS. While designing the job we set the properties for these variables. Environmental variables are also called as Global variables.

There are two types of environment variables:

   1. Local Variables
   2.Environmental variables/Global Variables

Local Variables: only for particular job only
Environment Variables: In any job throughout your project in this some default variables are there and also we can define some user defined variables also.
Creating project specific environment variables- Start up Data Stage Administrator.- Choose the project and click the “Properties” button.- On the General tab click the “Environment…” button.- Click on the “User Defined” folder to see the list of job specific environment variables.

Example: To connect to database you need use id , password and schema.

These are constant throughout the project so they will be created as environment variables.

Use them wherever you want with #Variable#.

By using this if there is any change in password or schema no need to worry about all the jobs. Change it at the level of environment variable that will take care of all the jobs.