Datastage Activity stages

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Activity stages

The job sequence supports the following types of activity:

Job. Specifies a server or parallel job.

Routine. Specifies a routine. This routine can be any routine in the InfoSphere® DataStage® Repository (but not transforms).

ExecCommand. Specifies an operating system command to execute.

Email Notification. Specifies that an email notification is sent at this point of the sequence (uses SMTP).

Wait-for-file. Waits for a specified file to appear or disappear.

Exception Handler. There can only be one Exception Handler in a job sequence.The Exception Handler is executed if a job in the sequence fails to run (other exceptions are handled by triggers) or if a job aborts and the Automatically handle activities that fail option is set for the sequence. Use a Terminator stage to ensure that the sequence is stopped cleanly if certain situations arise.

Nested Conditions. Allows you to branch the execution of a sequence depending on a condition.

Sequencer. Allows you to synchronize the control flow of multiple activities in a job sequence.

Terminator. Allows you to specify that, if certain situations occur, the jobs being run by a sequence are shut down cleanly.

Start Loop and End Loop. Use these two stages together to implement a For…Next or a For…Each loop within your sequence.

User Variable. Allows you to define variables within a sequence. These variables can then be used later on in the sequence, for example to set job parameters.