DataStage: How To Add Redshift JDBC Driver

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In order to use a JDBC driver, you need to download the JDBC and set up the configuration files (see here). In this post, we will discuss how to add Redshift JDBC driver to DataStage server and configure it. Steps (1) Download Redshift JDBC driver from here. In my experience, the latest version (4.2) was… Continue reading DataStage: How To Add Redshift JDBC Driver

Interview Questions

Reading Time: 77 minutes

DataStage Interview Questions Let’s begin with IBM DataStage Interview questions and answers. Q1) What is DataStage? Ans: DataStage is a tool developed by IBM that is used to design, develop, and execute different applications to fill the gap of multiple tables in data warehouses or data marts. It is software for windows servers that helps in data… Continue reading Interview Questions