Apache Hadoop Ecosystem Cheat Sheet

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Hadoop is a framework for running applications on large clusters built of commodity hardware. Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. Apache Hadoop has been in development for nearly 15 years. The term “Hadoop” refers to the Hadoop ecosystem or collection of additional software packages that can be installed on top of or alongside Hadoop.

  • Open Source
  • Part of Apache group
  • Power of JAVA
  • Supported By Big Web Giant Companies
Hadoop Ecosystem
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Choose the right Hadoop solution

Reading Time: 8 minutesHadoop ecosystem is open-source with plenty of add-on packages. This takes away the infrastructure and software management aspect of the implementation. Though this adds dependency on the Hadoop host. Commercial distributions enable businesses to enjoy the power of Hadoop minus all the headaches. The commercial element generally means you have to pay to get in the door, but the cost turns out to be worth the price of admission when considering that you are passing tedious IT burdens such as deployment, configuration, and ongoing maintenance off to someone who’s better suited to handle them. While the number of Hadoop distributions is growing rapidly, you’ll typically see these guys sniffing around spots one through five.

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