nzstats Command Netezza

Reading Time: 2 minutes

You can use the nzstats command to display the group and statistics tables. You must be the user admin or have Manage System privileges to view IBM® Netezza® statistics. You must also be the user admin to view the Database, Table, and the Query tables.

Netezza appliances uses the up-to-date stat information to plan and execute the queries. The statics are very much important in performance of the query.

System Statistics using Netezza nzstats Command

You can use the nzstats command to display the statistics of a specific group or table, operational statistics about system capacity, system faults, and system performance or how your system is running.

To display the System Group table, enter: nzstats show -type system

The information in the output is obtained from the /nz/data/config/callHome.txt file. If that file is not customized for your IBM® Netezza® system, the command output might contain general placeholder text.

You can use the nzstats command to display the group and table types. You can also use the command to display specific fields within a group or table.

  • To list the tables, enter:

nzstats listTypes

  • To display specific fields of a table, enter:

nzstats listFields -type dataslice

NzAdmin tool can also be used to display statistics. You can check the table statistics by using Netezza admin tool.