Netezza Databases, Tables and Database Objects

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The following are the major object groups in Netezza.

  • Users
  • Users Groups
  • Tables
  • Views
  • Materialized View
  • Synonyms
  • Database
  • Procedures and
  • User Defined Function

For anyone who is familiar with the other relational database management systems, it will be obvious that there are no indexes, bufferpools or tablespaces to deal with in Netezza.

Netezza Database Objects


The appliance comes preconfigured with the following 3 user ids which can’t be modified or deleted from the system. 

  • root – The super user for the host system on the appliance and has all the access as a super user in any Linux system
  • nz – Netezza system administrator Linux account that is used to run host software on Linux
  • admin – The default Netezza SQL database administrator user which has access to perform all database related tasks against all the databases in the appliance

User Groups

By default Netezza comes with a database group called public. All database users created in the system are automatically added as members of this group and cannot be removed from this group.


Netezza comes with two databases System and a model database both owned by Admin user. The system database consists of objects like tables, views, synonyms, functions and procedures. The system database is primarily used to catalog all user database and user object details which will be used by the host when parsing, validating and creation of execution code for queries from the users.