Host, SPA in Netezza

Netezza Hardware
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Key terms and terminologies used in the context of Netezza appliance.

Host: A Linux server which is used by the client to interact with the appliance either natively or through remote clients through OBDC, JDBC, OLE-DB etc. Hosts also store the catalog of all the databases stored in the appliance along with the meta-data of all the objects in the databases. It also passes and verifies the queries from the clients, generates executable snippets, communicates the snippets to the S- Blades, coordinates and consolidates the snippet execution results and communicates back to the client.

Snippet Processing Array: SPA is an array of S-Blades with 8 processor cores and 16 GB of memory running Linux operating system. Each S-Blade is paired with Database Accelerator Card which has 8 FPGA cores and connected to disk storage.

Snippet Processor: The CPU and FPGA pair in a Snippet Processing Array called a snippet processor which can run a snippet which is the smallest code component generated by the host for query execution.