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    Module 1: Introduction to WordPress
    • Package Download
    • Installation
    • Creating Database
    • A brief history
    • More about WordPress
    • WordPress Blogs vs. Websites
    • A brief introduction to WordPress themes
    • Getting started with WordPress

    Module 2: Finding a Home for your WordPress Site

    • Finding a domain
    • Registering a domain
    • Choosing a web hosting package
    • WordPress feature through your host

    Module 3: Installing WordPress on Your Site

    • How to install WordPress
    • The MySQL database
    • Uploading your files

    Module 4: Content Management using WordPress

    • Archiving content
    • The purpose of categories
    • Naming a category
    • Creating a new category
    • About static page parents and children
    • Permalinks

    Module 5: Selecting the Right Tools

    • Picking a text editor
    • Picking a web browser
    • About cross-browser compatibility
    • An introduction to FTP
    • Setting up for FTP
    • Using an FTP client
    • Transferring files
    • Editing files (FTP)
    • TFile Permissions