SAP Admin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

SAP Admin (Administrator)

    Module 1: SAP introduction
    • Introduction and basics of what is SAP ?

    Module 2: SAP Navigation

    • Basic logon and navigation information

    Module 3: Need for SAP security

    • The significance of SAP security and what value it brings in IT blueprint of the enterprise.

    Module 4: SAP landscape and concept of client

      Module 5: SAP Security DNA 1

      • The basic nuts and bolts of SAP security in parts.

      Module 6: SAP Security DNA 2

      • How does authorizations translate from a role to a user.

      Module 7: Key transacions

      • A walk through of some important transactions in security and basis area.

      Module 8: Key tables in security

      • key tables for security. how to browse a table.

      Module 9: custom auth object class and object with SU21

      • How to add a custom auth. object and an object class using transaction SU21.

      Module 10: SU24

      • The power of SU24 in SAP security. How SU24 works. and how does it impact role build.

      Module 11: SAP user types

      • Various types of user accounts used in SAP

      Module 12: single user administration

      • single user administration
      • How to create an single user account in SAP using SU01.

      Module 13: Mass user management with su10

      • How to create multiple user accounts in SAP using SU10 mass user management.

      Module 14: what is CUA

      • Central user administration concept briefly explained.

      Module 15: Derived roles

      • Types of roles and how derived roles work in an organization

      Module 16: composite roles

      • How do composite roles work.

      Module 17: password control with policy RZ10

      • How password policy can be implemented using server profile parameters in SAP.

      Module 18: SAP Audit support

        Module 19: The power of suim reporting

        • what is suim used for ?

        Module 20: upgrade security

        • SU25 dissected and deciphered in this section

        Module 21: Entities in SAP security

        • The enterprise entity that a security admin will interact with.

        Module 22: critical action – permissions

        • Actions and permission concept as used in SAP Security grc language.

        Module 23: Role approvers

        • Why SAP role approvers are important from governance point of view. what is the best practice for maintaining the matrix system wise

        Module 24: User trace

        • SAP problem troubleshooting with user trace.

        Module 25: SAP baselines process

        • What is the role compliance / reconcilliation / baseline process

        Module 26: Conclusion : Part 1

        • end of session 1