Salesforce Admin

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Salesforce Admin

    Module 1: Introduction

    • Cloud Computing & its Models.
    • What is
    • Evolution and Products
    • Different Editions in
    • How to sign up for Developer Edition.

    Module 2: Getting Your Organization Ready for Users

    • Set up the company profile
    • Configure the user interface
    • Configure search settings
    • Set up Chatter

    Module 3: Security and Data Access

    • Restrict logins
    • Determine object access
    • Set up record access
    • Manage record access with the role hierarchy
    • Deal with record access exceptions
    • Manage field-level security

    Module 4: Managing Data

    • Data Loader v/s Import wizards
    • Import new records using import wizards
    • Update existing records with the data loader
    • Upsert operation, Export and Export All
    • Mass transfer records between users
    • Back up data with a weekly export
    • Mass delete records

    Module 5: Automation

    • Manage Email Administration
    • Set up workflow rules and Approval Processes
    • Automate Leads and Cases

    Module 6: Getting Around the App

    • Understand the data model and navigation
    • Find answers in Help & Training
    • Rollup summary & Cross object formula.

    Module 7: Setting Up and Managing Users

    • Manage user profiles
    • Create and manage users
    • Troubleshoot user login issues
    • Set up Chatter Free and Chatter external users.

    Module 8: Customization: Fields

    • Administer standard fields
    • Create new custom fields
    • Create selection fields: picklists and lookups
    • Create Formula Fields
    • Work with Page Layouts
    • Work with Record Types and Business Processes
    • Maintain Data Quality

    Module 9: Reports and Dashboards

    • Run and modify reports
    • Create new reports with the report builder
    • Filter reports
    • Summarize Report Data
    • Bucket Fields in Reports
    • Print, Export, Scheduling and Email Reports
    • Build Dashboards
    • Adding Dashboards in Home Page

    Module 10: More Administration

    • Queues
    • Public Groups