Interior Design

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Interior Design

    Module 1:

    • Communicate visually and express artistic values in your creation
    • Practice Digital Photography for extending skill in observation and referencing
    • Develop visual content for print campaigns and publishing for architectural and interiors firms
    • Understand composition, colour and type for better look development

    Module 2:

    • Manipulate images to suit the target application
    • Understand user-centric design methodology
    • Understand layout design for Web
    • Create Website designs for an Interior/Furniture/Architecture company

    Module 3:

    • Create 3D objects and simple special effects
    • Understand various Cinematography concepts to create rich walkthroughs
    • Implement the techniques of motion camera handling for interior walkthrough
    • Utilize video and audio editing techniques
    • Convert 2D floor plans into 3D visualizations

    Module 4:

    • Understand human proportions ( Anthropometric scale)
    • Understand the functionality of materials, finishes and various building elements
    • Draft 2D architectural designs
    • Develop 3D interior and exterior architectural models and present it with advanced 3D rendering techniques
    • Design an interior space including flooring, windows, doors, walls, lighting, furniture, and miscellaneous design pieces