Informatica Data Quality

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Informatica Data Quality

    Module 1: Working with Informatica Developer 9
    • GUI, Mappings, Mapplets, Transformations, Content Sets, Data Objects

    Module 2: Analyst Collaboration

    • Reviewing information from the Analyst
    • Comments/Tags
    • Creating/adding to Reference tables

    Module 3: Developer Profiling

    • Join Analysis Profiling
    • Column Profiling
    • Multi Object Profiling
    • Mappings and transformations
    • Mid-stream profiling
    • Comparative profiling

    Module 4: Data Standardization

    • Cleanse, transform and parse data
    • Develop data standardization mapplets and mappings

    Module 5: Matching

    • Grouping data
    • Analyze Detail Report
    • DQ Matching
    • Cluster Analysis Report
    • Matching Mapplets

    Module 6: Identity Matching

    • Build Matching mappings using Identity matching
    • Identity Populations and Strategies

    Module 7: Consolidation

    • Associate and Consolidate data

    Module 8: Data Quality Assistant

    • Build Mappings to create and populate the DQA tables
    • Perform manual Consolidation and Bad Record Management

    Module 9: PowerCenter Integration

    • Run DQ Mappings in PowerCenter

    Module 10: Object Import/Export

    • Import Projects using both Basic and Advanced methods
    • Export Projects

    Module 11: Parameters

    • How to use Parameters in Data Quality mappings, transformations and reference tables

    Module 12: Workflows

    • How to create different objects in DQ workflows modules. Examples: mapping task, Notification Task, Human Task etc.