Google Adwords – PPC

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Google Adwords – PPC

    Module 1: Introduction

    • Creating a Google Ads Account
    • Apply and get $100 Ad Credit from Google

    Module 2: Keyword Match Types and Quality Score

    • What are Keyword Match Types?
    • Diving Deep in to Keyword Match Types
    • What is Quality Score and its Importance
    • How to check the Quality Score of your Ad
    • How to use Keyword Match types to get better results

    Module 3: Keyword Research

    • Keyword Research Tools
    • How to do Keyword Research

    Module 4: Search Ad Campaign

    • What are Ad Groups and why they are important ?
    • Ingredients of a Good Search Ad
    • Creating a Search Ad

    Module 5: Display Ad Campaign

    • Getting Started With Display Ads
    • Overview of Dashboard and UI
    • Targeting Audience with Pin Mode
    • Best Bid Strategy for Display Ads
    • Setting up Daily Budget
    • Defining the Audience for the Campaign
    • Content Targeting for Display Ads
    • Responsive Display Ads
    • How to create Custom Display Ads without Hiring a Designer
    • Creating GIF Ad Banners
    • Smart Display Ad Campaign
    • Gmail Ads Setup

    Module 6: Advertising on Youtube and Playstore

    • Getting Started with Youtube Ads
    • Location and Language Targeting
    • Frequency Capping, Ad Scheduling and Device Targeting
    • Demographics and Audience Targeting
    • Different types of Bidding Strategies for Youtube Ads
    • Creating and Publishing Bumper Ads
    • In-stream Ads on Youtube
    • Video Discovery Ad
    • Non-Skibbale in-stream ad
    • Outsream Ads – how they work?
    • What is AD Sequence and how to use it on Youtube
    • Ad Sequence – Part 2
    • Universal App Campaign on Playstore

    Module 7: [ Bonus Module ] Remarketing on Google Dispaly Network and Youtube

    • What is remarketing and how it works
    • Deploying Tracking Code in your website
    • Defining Audience for the campaign
    • Creating a Remarketing Campaign
    • Remarketing on Youtube
    • Retargeting your Youtube Viewers on GDN
    • Conversion Tracking

    Module 8: Google Ads with Analytics and Tag Manager

    • Linking Google Ads Account with Google Analytics
    • Creating Audience for Remarketing in Google Analytics
    • Remarketing with Analytics Audience
    • Remarketing with Google Tag Manager
    • Conversion Tracking with Google Tag Manager

    Module 9: Slides For Your Reference

    • Advanced Bidding Strategies For Search Ads
    • Tips To Advertise on Display Network