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Reading Time: 2 minutes


    Module 1: Complete Docker Installation on Ubuntu

    • Selecting a Storage Driver
    • Configuring Logging Drivers (Syslog, JSON-File, etc.)
    • Namespaces and CGroups

    Module 2: Image Creation, Management, and Registry

    • Pull an Image from a Registry (Using Docker Pull and Docker Images)
    • Searching an Image Repository
    • How to Tag an Image
    • Use CLI Commands to Manage Images (List, Delete, Prune, RMI, etc)
    • Inspect Images and Report Specific Attributes Using Filter and Format

    Module 3: Container Basics – Running, attaching to, and Executing Commands in Containers

    • Create an Image with Dockerfile
    • Dockerfile Options
    • Dockerfile Structure
    • Dockerfile Efficiencies

    Module 4: Describe and Display How Image Layers Work

    • Modify an Image to a Single Layer
    • Selecting a Docker Storage Driver
    • Prepare for a Docker Secure Registry
    • Deploy, Configure, Log Into, Push, and Pull an Image in a Registry
    • Managing Images in Your Private Repository
    • Container Lifecycles – Setting the Restart Policies

    Module 5: State the Difference Between Running a Container and Running a Service

    • Understanding the ‘docker inspect’ Output
    • Identify the Steps Needed to Troubleshoot a Service Not Deploying
    • How Dockerized Apps Communicate with Legacy Systems
    • Determine Which Graph Driver Should Be Used on Which OS

    Module 6: How an Image Is Composed of Multiple Layers on the Filesystem

      Module 7: How Storage and Volumes Can Be Used Across Cluster Nodes for Persistent Storage

        Module 8: Identify the Steps You Would Take to Clean Up Unused Images (and Other Resources) On a File System (CLI)

          Module 9: Create a Docker Bridge Network for a Developer to Use for Their Containers

            Module 10: Configure Docker for External DNS

              Module 11: Publish a Port So That an Application Is Accessible Externally and Identify the Port and IP It Is On

                Module 12: Deploy a Service on a Docker Overlay Network