Appcelerator Titanium

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Appcelerator Titanium Course Syllabus

    Module 1 : Introduction

    • Introduction to Appcelerator Titanium
    • Advantages of Appcelerator Titanium
    • Introduction of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Downloading and installing Appcelerator Titanium
    • Setting up the environment

    Module 2 : GUI Designing

    • Creating of View or Presentation Layer
    • Usage of Titanium controls to create view, windows, tabs and User Interface like buttons, textbox, table view etc.
    • Navigation between Windows, Views and Tab groups.
    • Handling of User Inputs by understanding each controls events.

    Module 3 : Hardware Interaction and Web Service Consumption

    • Hardware APIs.
    • Introduction to hardware interfacing using JavaScript.
    • Hardware APIs available in Appcelerator Titanium.
    • Camera
    • Getting to know about camera API
    • Accessing device camera
    • Accelerometer
    • Getting to know about accelerometer API
    • Accessing device accelerometer using the accelerometer object
    • Captures device motion in the x, y, and z direction.
    • Web Service Consumption.
    • Introduction to HTTP GET, PUT, POST and DELETE Operations.
    • Connection with Restful services

    Module 4 : Device Information and Notification

    • Getting information from device
    • Notifications
    • Alerts
    • Splash Screen and Events
    • Splash screen

    Module 5 : Database management

    • Database using SQLite
    • Basic Queries

    Module 6 : Media and Files

    • Basic File systems and Directory Operations