3D Animation

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3D Animation

    Module 1:

    • Communicate visually and express artistic values in your creation
    • Practice Photography for learning composition
    • Understand composition, colour and type for better animation look development
    • Work with letters, colours, illustrations, images, and other information to design everything from a corporate logo to a book cover page

    Module 2:

    • Manipulate images to suit the target application and design specification
    • Develop UI designs and various Web elements
    • Develop Website animations, interactive elements and engaging presentations
    • Develop animations to suit various applications relating to new media, e-learning, etc

    Module 3:

    • Create 3D objects and simple special effects
    • Understand various Cinematography concepts
    • Effectively deliver a story by utilizing right audio and video editing techniques
    • Render a small animation sequence and convert to any media

    Module 4:

    • Understand the 3D production pipeline
    • Construct inorganic and organic models
    • Light 3D environments, setup shading networks and render scenes/images
    • Animate 3D characters
    • Control 3D camera and render 3D shots to specification