2D Animation

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2D Animation

    Module 1: Introduction to 2d Animation

    • An introduction to the historic study of the visual representation of animated motion in both Eastern and Western civilization art and the translation into a contemporary digital art medium. Students will examine digital illustration with an emphasis on the preparation of visual imagery for animation. Concentration will be placed on illustrating gesture and movement, storyboarding, skeletal framework, and anatomical details. Students will have hands on experience with figure characters, object models and two-dimensional sequential movement illustration.

    Module 2: Principles of Animation

    • Make objects move in a realistic way; learn how to use weight, elasticity, anticipation and exaggeration to show thoughts and attitudes of a character or object

    Module 3: Art and design

    • Develop your creative and design skills; study life drawing, animation and art history, screen composition, lighting and colour; develop your understanding of visual language and how to create storyboards.

    Module 4: Color Theory

    • With colors you can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. You can use color to energize, or to cool down. By selecting the right color scheme, you can create an ambiance of elegance, warmth or tranquility, or you can convey an image of playful youthfulness.

    Module 5: Storyboard

    • A Storyboard is a Preview of the graphic job to realize. It consists of hand-made Sketches of the various parts of the graphic project to build and of comments and measuraments, that it is necessary hold in due consideration in the carring out of the Final Project.

    Module 6: 2D Effects

    • Incorporate fog, smoke, fire, water, atmospheres, weather and explosions into your animation

    Module 7: Group project

    • create an animated short film

    Module 8: Individual / joint project showreel

    • Apply what you have learnt to produce a short animation to include in your showreel.