Teradata SQL assistant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

SQL assistant is a web based query tool that enables you to compose a query, submit it to the Teradata database, view the results from a web browser, and save the data to your PC for further analysis.

Using SQL assistant, you can save the data retrieved from Terdata database to create consolidated reports or to analyze the data. SQL assistant gives you SQL activity, complete with source identification, timings, row counts and your notes. This is useful because you can use the historical data to build SQL scripts and then modify the scripts to gather more results.

Key features:

  • Send queries to Teradata database.
  • View and sort the results by column and save them to a file.
  • Save queries to a file so you can run them automatically from the same file in future.
  • Load queries from a file and make changes before submitting them to the database.
  • View historical data of the queries you have submitted with timings and status information. You can sort the history rows by column, update them with your notes and save the records to a file.
  • View hierarchical listing of databases with object names to reduce the time required to create SQL statements.
  • Use the browser’s built-in find features to do a string search on a query, an AnswerSet, or any information in the historical table visible in the browser window.
  • Abort a query in progress if you change your mind about running a query or if a query is taking longer than you expected.
  • To maintain security and help maximize the server’s resources. The browser’s connection ends after 30 minutes of inactivity.