DataStage Restructuring Stages

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Column Export stage

The Column Export stage is a
restructure stage. It can have a single input link, a single output link and a
single rejects link.

The Column Export stage exports
data from a number of columns of different data types into a single column of
data type ustring, string, or binary. It is the complementary stage to Column

The input data column
definitions determine the order in which the columns are exported to the single
output column. Information about how the single column being exported is
delimited is given in the Formats tab of the Input page. You can optionally
save reject records, that is, records whose export was rejected.

Column Import stage

The Column Import stage is a restructure stage. It can
have a single input link, a single output link and a single rejects link.

The Column Import stage imports data from a single column
and outputs it to one or more columns. You would typically use it to divide
data arriving in a single column into multiple columns. The data would be
fixed-width or delimited in some way to tell the Column Import stage where to
make the divisions. The input column must be a string or binary data, the output
columns can be any data type.

Column Import stage: Input category

Import input column – Specifies the name of the column containing the
string or binary data to import.

Column Import stage: Output category

Column method – Specifies whether the columns to import should be derived from
column definitions on the Output page Columns tab (Explicit) or from a schema
file (Schema File).

Column to import – Specifies an output column. The meta data for
this column determines the type that the import column will be converted to.
Repeat the property to specify multiple columns.

Schema File – Instead of specifying the source data type details via output
column definitions, you can use a schema file (note, however, that if you have
defined columns on the Columns tab, you should ensure these match the schema

Column Import stage: Options category

Keep Input Column – Specifies whether the original input column
should be transferred to the output data set unchanged in addition to being
imported and converted. Defaults to False.

Reject mode – The values of this property specify the following actions:

Fail: The stage fails when it encounters a record whose
import is rejected.

Output: The stage continues when it encounters a reject
record and writes the record to the reject link.

Continue: The stage is to continue but report failures to
the log file.