Datastage Jobs, Sequences and Containers

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Parallel jobs

                Executed under control of DataStage Server runtime environment

                Built-in functionality for Pipeline and Partitioning Parallelism

                Compiled into OSH (Orchestrate Scripting Language)

                Runtime monitoring in DataStage Director

Job Sequences (Batch jobs, Controlling jobs)

                Master Server jobs that kick-off jobs and other activities

                Can kick-off Server or Parallel jobs

                Runtime monitoring in DataStage Director

Container is a group of stages and links.

Types of containers



Local containers: Main purpose of local container is to convert the complex job design in to simple readable job design.

Shared containers: it is similar to local container but we can reuse it in many numbers of jobs in the same project.

A job sequence allows you to specify a sequence of Data Stage jobs to be executed, and actions to be takenĀ  depending on results.

Server jobs (Requires Server Edition license)

                Executed by the DataStage Server Edition

                Compiled into Basic (interpreted pseudo-code)

                Runtime monitoring in DataStage Director

Mainframe jobs (Requires Mainframe Edition license)

                Compiled into COBOL

                Executed on the Mainframe, outside of DataStage