DataStage Important Terms

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Aggregator Stage – A stage type that computes totals or other functions of sets of data.

BCP Load Stage – A plug-in stage supplied with DataStage that bulk loads data into a Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase table.

CFD – COBOL File Description. A text file that describes the format of a file in COBOL terms.

Column Definition – Defines the columns contained in a data table. Includes the column name and the type of data contained in the column.

Container Stage – A built-in stage type that represents a group of stages and links in a job design.

Data Browser – A tool used from within the DataStage Manager or DataStage Designer to view the content of a table or file.

Hashed File – A file that uses a hashing algorithm for distributing records in one or more groups on disk.

Hashed File Stage – A stage that extracts data from or loads data into a database that contains hashed files.

Job – A collection of linked stages, data elements, and transforms that define how to extract, cleanse, transform, integrate, and load data into a target database. See also mainframe job and server job.

Link Collector Stage – A server job stage that collects previously partitioned data together.

Link Partitioner Stage – A server job stage that allows you to partition data so that it can be processed in parallel on an SMP system.

Metadata – Data about data. A table definition, which describes the structure of the table, is an example of metadata.

ODBC Stage – A stage that extracts data from or loads data into a database that implements the industry standard Open Database Connectivity API. Used to represent a data source, an aggregation step, or a target data table.

Plug-in Stage – A stage that performs specific processing that is not supported by the Aggregator, Hashed File, ODBC, UniVerse, UniData, Sequential File, and Transformer stages.

Repository – A DataStage area where projects and jobs are stored as well as definitions for all standard and user-defined data elements, transforms, and stages.

Sequential File Stage – A stage that extracts data from, or writes data to, a text file.

Stage – A component that represents a data source, a processing step, or a data mart in a DataStage job.

Table Definition – A definition describing the data you want including information about the data table and the columns associated with it. Also referred to as metadata.

Transformer Stage – A stage where data is transformed (converted) using transform functions.