DataStage Designer

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The DataStage Designer allows you to use familiar graphical point-and-click techniques to develop job flows for extracting, cleansing, transforming, integrating and loading data into target files and tables.

The Designer provides a “visual data flow” method to easily interconnect and configure reusable components.

DataStage Designer Window

DataStage Designer enables you to:

  • Create, edit, and view objects in the repository.
  • Create, edit, and view data elements, table definitions, transforms, and routines.
  • Import and export DataStage components, such as projects, jobs, and job components.
  • Analyze the use of particular items in a project.
  • Edit and view user-defined object properties.
  • Create jobs, job sequences, containers, and job templates.
  • Create and use parameters within jobs.
  • Insert and link stages into jobs.
  • Set stage and job properties.
  • Load and save table definitions.
  • Save, compile, and run jobs.