Data Stage front end Applications

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Following are the various data stage client application:

Data Stage Designer            –         Used to design the jobs and sequences

Data Stage Director              –         Used to monitor the jobs are run time

Data Stage Manager            –         Used to import and export jobs


  • It is place to design our jobs and job sequence.
    • Create and use parameters within jobs
    • Save, Compile and Run jobs

DataStage Designer is used to:

  • Create DataStage Jobs that are compiled into Create DataStage Jobs that are compiled into executable programs.
    • Design the jobs that extract, integrate, aggregate, load, and transform the data.
    • Create and reuse metadata and job components
    • Allow you to use familiar graphical point-and-click techniques to develop processes for extracting, cleansing, transforming, Integrating and loading data.

Use Designer to:

  • Specify how data is extracted.
    • Specify data transformations.
    • Decode data going into the target tables using reference lookups
    • Aggregate Data.
    • Split data into multiple outputs on the basis of defined constraints

The Designer graphical interface lets you select

  • Stage icons, drop them onto the Designer work area and add links. Then, still working in the Designer, you define the required actions and processes for each stage and link.
  • A job created with the Designer is easily scalable. This means that you can easily create a simple job, get it working, then insert further processing, additional data sources, and so on.