Create jobs

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DataStage provides these types of jobs:

  • Server Jobs: Run on the DataStage Server.
  • Mainframe Jobs: Available only if you have installed Enterprise MVS Edition and uploaded it to a mainframe, where they are compiled and run.
  • Parallel Jobs: Available only if you have installed the Enterprise Edition and run on DataStage servers that are SMP, MPP, or cluster systems.

Perform the following steps to build a job:

  1. Define optional project-level environment variables in DataStage Administrator.
  2. Define optional environment parameters.
  3. Import or create table definitions, if they are not already available.
  4. Add stages and links to the job to indicate data flow.
  5. Edit source and target stages to designate data sources, table definitions, file names, and so on.
  6. Edit transformer and processing stages to perform various functions, include filters, create lookups, and use expressions.
  7. Save, compile, troubleshoot, and run the job.