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You can use DataStage Designer to view job categories, which serve to organize repository objects.

You can view the following repository objects within a job category:

  • Data Elements.
  • Jobs.
  • Routines.
  • Shared Containers.
  • Stage Types.
  • Table Definitions.
  • Transforms.

You can also create new repository objects.

Using the DataStage Designer import and export facilities enable you to move jobs or other components between projects. You can also move projects, jobs, or components from one system to another. In addition, you can import components from text files or XML documents, and you can export to XML documents. XML documents can be used as a convenient way to view descriptions of repository objects using a web browser.


The DataStage Designer import facility enables you to import:

  • ETL projects, jobs, or other components that you export from another system.
  • DataStage components, such as table definitions, from text files or XML documents.

You can use the Import facility to import table definitions from a variety of file types, including sequential files, ODBC, and XML.