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What is Snowflake ?
Snowflake is cloud based data warehouse and analytical tool. With so many SAAS based Data warehouse applications available currently that are competing against one another, Snowflake stands out among the crowd for it uniqueness in design and approach. Snowflake works on an application that is faster and easier to handle. Unlike other data warehouse systems Snowflake is not built on Big data platforms rather it works on new SQL engine that is best suited for cloud. Having one of the best ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) complaint solutions. One of the USPs of Snowflake’s unique capabilities is in its table structures wherein Micro–Partitions and Data–Clustering are adopted Snowflake allows user to “time travel” i.e., track data changes overtime and view changes made anytime in the past up to a 90–days Some of the other features of Snowflake are

Cloning – the clone feature create instant copy of any snowflake object
Undrop – any dropped object (Databases, schemas, tables etc) can be undroped
Fail safe – In the event of any disaster like hardware or disk failures. Snowflake engineers can recover the data upto a 7 day period post failure
Analytics Solution – Snowflake architecture helps in dealing with data and analytics alongside with data warehousing capabilites


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