SAP HR Training

We take classes in e-Recruiting,SuccessFactors as well. Watch SAP HR notes for self study


What do you get out of the training? A total of 40 hours + optional course

(Week 1 ) Basic SAP GUI NavigationIntroduction to Org Management

  • Introduction To Org Management
  • Info types used in Org Management
  • Organizational Plan
  • Concept of Plan Version
  • Organizational Objects
  • Setting up Relationships
  • Setting up Organizational Structure
  • Organizing and Staffing Mode
  • Info type Maintenance – Expert Mode
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Evaluation Path
  • Personnel actions in OM
  • OM and PA Integration
  • Integration Reports

( Week 2  ) SAP HR Personnel Administration

    • Enterprise Structure
    • Personnel Structure
    • Master Data Infotypes configuration
    • Maintenance of HR Master Data-Functions
    • Infotypes with explanation
    • Orientation to Features and Configuration
    • Configuration of Infogroups
    • Configuration of Info type Menus
    • Setting up Personnel Actions
    • Concept of Additional Actions
    • Concept of Dynamic Actions and configuration
    • Header Modification
    • Screen Modifications

( Week 3 ) – SAP HR Time Management

    • Configuration of Holiday Calendars and Factory Calendars
    • Setting up Break Schedules
    • Configuration of Daily Work Schedules, Period Work Schedules
    • Setting up Work Schedule Rules
    • Exposure to Time Management Features
    • Configuration of Daily Work Schedule Variant
    • Setting up Day Types
    • Configuration of Day Type Selection Rule
    • Setting up Absence and Attendance Types
    • Configuration of Rounding Rules, Deduction Rules and Counting Rules
    • Setting up of Base Entitlement Rules and Generation Rules
    • Configuration of Selection Rules
    • Exposure to PSA and ESG Groupings in Time Management
    • Configuration of Absence and Attendance Quotas through report.

(Week 4 ) – SAP HR Benefits

  • Introduction to Benefit Info types
  • Configuration of Benefit Areas
  • Setting up Benefit Providers
  • Plan Categories and setting up Plan Types Concept of Plan Status
  • Setting up Plan Criteria Groups
  • Configuration of Benefit Plans – Health, Insurance
  • Setting up Cost Variants and Cost Rules
  • Configuration of Coverage Variants and Coverage Rules
  • Benefit Adjustment Reasons
  • Setting up First Program and Second Program Groupings
  • Benefits integration with Payroll

( Week 5 ) – SAP HR Payroll & SAP HR US Payroll

    • Configuration of payroll Area and Control Record
    • Concept of retroactive Accounting
    • Payroll Organization Concepts and Configuration
    • Generation of Payroll Periods
    • Configuration of Pay Scale Structure
    • In depth orientation to PSA and ESG Groupings in Payroll
    • Wage Type Configuration
    • Indirect Evaluation Concepts
    • Configuration of IT0008, IT0014 and IT0015.
    • Payroll Execution and accessing Payroll Clusters

USA Payroll

    • Exposure to all US Specific Payroll Info types
    • Overview of BSI TUBS and taxation.
    • Overview on Processing Classes, Cumulations and Evaluations

( OPTIONAL – Week 6 ) – eRecruitment,Talent Management (SucessFactors), Ad hoc topics

    • e-Recruiting
    • SuccessFactors
    • Any other doubts students have

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