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DataStage 9.1 Online Training

Course Duration : 40 Hours

Introduction to Data Warehousing

What is Data Warehousing?
Who needs Data Warehousing?
Why Data Warehouse is required?
Types of Systems
Maintenance of Data Warehouse
SDLC – Data Warehousing Life Cycle

Database Design and Data Modeling

Integration Layer
Staging Area
Analysis & Reporting

What is Extract Transform Load

Introduction of Extraction, Transformation and Loading

Types of ETL tools

Key tools in the market

Multi-Dimensional Modeling

What is dimension modeling?
Difference between ER modeling and dimension modeling
What is a Dimension?
What is a Fact?
Start Schema
Snow Flake Schema
Difference between Star and snow flake schema
Fact Table
Different types of facts
Dimensional Tables
Fact less Fact Table
Confirmed Dimensions
Unconfirmed Dimensions
Junk Dimensions
Monster Dimensions
Degenerative Dimensions
What are slowly changing Dimensions?
Different types of SCD’s

IBM WebSphere DataStage and QualityStage, Versions 9.1 Contents

Introduction about Data Stage
Difference between Data Stage 7.5.2 and 9.1
What’s new in Data Stage 9.1?
What is way ahead in Data Stage?
IBM Information Sever architecture
Datastage within the IBM Information Server architecture
Difference between Server Jobs and Parallel Jobs
Difference between Pipeline Parallelism and Partition Parallelism
Partition techniques (Round Robin, Random,

Hash, Entire, Same, Modules, Range, DB2, Auto

Configuration File
Difference between SMP/PMP(Cluster) Architecture
Data stage components (Server components /Client components)


Introduction about Designer
Type of Links
File Stages
Sequential file
Dataset file
File set
Lookup file set
Difference between Sequential file/Dataset/File set
Overview of iWay, Classic federation and netezza
Database Stages
Dynamic RDBMS
Oracle Enterprise
ODBC Enterprise
Stored Procedure

Processing Stages 

Change Capture
Compare Stage
Difference Stage
Aggregate Stage
Transformer Stage
Difference between basic transformer and transformer
Surrogate Generator Stage
Join Stage
Merge Stage
Lookup Stage
Difference between Join/Lookup/Merge
Difference between Join/Lookup
Remove Duplicates
Generic stage
Different types of sorting and sort stage.
Different types of combining and collecting techniques.
External filter
Difference between filter, External filter and switch stages.
SCD stage
Encode and decode stages
FTP stage
Adding job parameters to a job
Parameter set
Difference between partitioning and re partitioning
Run time column propagation
Schema files

Debugging Stage
Row Generator
Column Generator

Data stage Director

Introduction to Data stage Director
Job Status View
View logs
Batches Creation
Cleaning resources using Administrator


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