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SAP FICO Training

Visit SAP FICO notes for self study Course Duration : 40 Hours Day-1 Organizational Structure Define a Company Define a Company Code Assign Company Code to Company   Global Accounting Setting Chart of Account Allocate Company Code to Chart Of Accounts Setup Account Groups and their Number Ranges Assign Fiscal Year Variant Assign Posting Period Variant to

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Datastage online training

Visit Datastage notes for self study   DataStage 9.1 Online Training Course Duration : 40 Hours Introduction to Data Warehousing What is Data Warehousing? Who needs Data Warehousing? Why Data Warehouse is required? Types of Systems OLTP OLAP Maintenance of Data Warehouse SDLC – Data Warehousing Life Cycle Database Design and Data Modeling Source Integration Layer Staging

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SAP HR Training

We take classes in e-Recruiting,SuccessFactors as well. Watch SAP HR notes for self study   What do you get out of the training? A total of 40 hours + optional course (Week 1 ) Basic SAP GUI NavigationIntroduction to Org Management Introduction To Org Management Info types used in Org Management Organizational Plan Concept of Plan Version

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